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Student Dress Code


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Clothing and accessories for all students must be appropriate for school. A pleasing appearance and neatness contribute to an environment conducive to learning and to the feeling of well being of each student. Over-sized, ill-fitting, extremely tight or revealing clothing is unacceptable.
All students are required to have a red cardigan sweater with the STM logo, which when worn with the school uniform jumper, skirt, or long pants and tie comprise the “dress uniform.” Ties for both girls and boys are mandatory for students in grade K through 8, and are not to be worn with a polo shirt. Boys in grades K through 8 are required to wear a belt.
The school reserves the right to determine whether a student’s uniform and appearance satisfy the regulations. The administrators and faculty will be the judges in these matters. Students who are not in compliance with the Dress Code and uniform regulations will be issued a “Discipline Report” to be signed by the Parent and returned. Repeated or flagrant violations will result in a conduct grade of NI, which may affect their eligibility for Honors. Parents or guardian may be contacted to bring appropriate uniform apparel to school if necessary.
Students are to wear the school uniform at all times. Student’s name or initials should be inside all shirts, pants, jumpers, skirts, jackets, and shoes.
School uniforms can be purchased from: