Student Council is an important aspect of STM leadership. The Council is given latitude in its presentations and assistance at assemblies. Often the Student Council will run activities completely, with only supervision from administration. This independence creates self-confidence, enhances public speaking skills, promotes leadership and demonstrates the abilities of our future leaders. The Council is elected each year by the student body.




President: The President is in charge of overseeing all activities performed by the Student Council. Leads Wednesday school-wide assemblies.


Vice President: The Vice President assists in making executive decisions and has the responsibility of stepping forward in place of the President in the President’s absence.


Secretary: The Secretary reads the minutes before every Council meeting and is in charge of writing down everything that is being discussed during the meeting.


Treasurer: The Treasurer is in charge of the Student Council budget and counting money from student body sales.


Religious Commissioner: The Religious Commissioner offers prayers during school activities and events.


Sports Commissioner: The Sports Commissioner tracks sports teams’ activities and reporting the results to administration and the student body.


Spirit and Publicity Commissioner: The Spirit and Publicity Commissioner energizes the student body during Pep Rallies and other school functions.


Safety and Ecology Commissioner: The Safety and Ecology Commissioner ensures our campus is clean and makes announcements to the student body as needed.


Historian: The Historian is in charge of taking photos during school activities and documenting our activities. 


Meetings and Combined Duties


The Council meets every Tuesday. The teacher sponsor is Ms. Christine Lazo and the Council meets in her classroom. Meetings start at 3:15 and usually end at 3:45 or 4:00. 

The Council may lead school rosaries; emcee the Christmas program; assists at quarterly honors presentations; and, lead assemblies every Wednesday, on Buddy Days once per month, and Pep Rallies.