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Students Learning During Covid

Updated: May 20, 2020

Francisco Raigoza, Parent

Saint Thomas More Catholic School

COVID-19 has impacted all of us in more ways than not. Personally, in January I was allowed to work from home more frequently, it was presented as the perfect way to establish “work-life” or “work-family” balance. It was coined as the perfect way to get more done and enjoy family more. Exciting right? As COVID-19 impact caused shut-downs and ultimately Stay-At-Home orders I found that not only did the Stay-At-Home option became more of a sacrifice than a godsend. Our lives became busier. It became more difficult to juggle between work and personal time. We became more involved with our kid’s education. And stress became a real issue, for me at least, as we became isolated at home as a result of the COVID-19 shutdown.

Make no mistake. COVID-19 is really serious. REALLY SERIOUS! Let’s keep our prayers coming for those who have been infected with this deadly disease. It’s no joke. I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and admiration for how well Father Thai and Mrs. Gibson handled this very difficult situation. Thank GOD for having the leadership in place that allowed our very small but loved school to continue to push forward. In the last month, I have read of school districts with lots of more monetary resources hanging the towel and CANCELING the school year, in some cases setting kids BACK an entire school year. If we put things into perspective, one cannot help but feel sorry for the kids impacted and feel fortunate and blessed for being part of a school that might not have the budget that some of the other schools or school districts have but that has individuals with very big hearts who really care about the kids. Thank you, Father Thai and Mrs. Gibson. The teachers are the sprockets or gears of the school! They have stepped up to the challenge and delivered.

Remote learning created a very difficult challenge for our teachers yet the teachers not only embraced the challenge but converted it into an opportunity. I saw teachers not only create very unique teaching tool sets but also quickly change them when necessary. Personally, I would like to thank Mrs. Aguayo, Mrs. Ortiz, Miss Castillo and all the other teachers that form part of the St. Thomas More School for their hard work and dedication– Thank You.

Parents. We had it easy right? Was it a walk in the park? 😊 If the administration is the mainspring or the mechanism that controls the energy of our school, and teachers are the gears that drive the learning process. I consider parents the oil that allows the learning to occur by not only being part of every gear but also making the gears more efficient and making our kids' learning process as smooth as possible.

Parents. We all deserve a BIG pat on the back. Great job. As difficult as may be. Remember; Someday our kids will be grateful for all the sacrifices that were made during these difficult times.

The students. Our kids had the misfortune of having to live through these very difficult times. We should all be proud of our kids for having to go through the challenge of adapting as a result of not only how they are learning but how they are living. The lockdown. The isolation. Certainly very difficult for an adult to go through, let alone a child.

Without further delay, here are some pictures of my and of other Saint Thomas More students working hard and trying to enjoy their time at home. The backpacks of my three kids have not left the house for a month and a half - They really do miss seeing their friends and teachers.

Of course, they promptly made ME aware of who was going to be in charge!!!!

STEM projects created by the kids. The kids had lots of fun building these projects and learning the mechanics and science behind the devices.

The kids had to present some of their work. This required kids to follow a daily schedule. I have noticed my daughters have developed more dedication, responsibility, and commitment as a result. Thank you, Mrs. Aguayo.

Of course, lots of computer-based assignments to be completed. NICE!!!

Saint Thomas More School and it’s religious core is still present.

And of course plenty of reading. Reading is very important.

Ah Yes!!! The Girl Scouts!!! Blanca (Thank you for everything you do. You are truly amazing) and crew have kept my girls moving AND learning.

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