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Open House 2020

Open House

By Francisco Raigoza, Parent

Saint Thomas More

Open House? An opportunity to meet administration, faculty, and staff. An opportunity to mingle with other parents and allow our sons and daughters to showcase some of their work. This year’s Open House gave us, the St. Thomas More School community, a chance to spend a Sunday to pray, socialize, and have some delicious treats prepared by our Girl Scout Troop 3431. Despite the weather, the turnout was excellent.

Having a chance to see the tremendous effort that our kids give is priceless. I'm amazed with the level of mutual effort between the teachers and students. The results show. Having a chance to see this gives teachers, parents, and students truly a sense of pride.

Girl Scout Troop 3431 on hand serving delicious pozole, pastry, and coffee. The Girl Scouts are always quick to volunteer and always leading while serving others-Truly a model for St. Thomas More School.

Of course, when the girls were not volunteering and serving, they were showcasing their work!!!

The level of organization shown is a clear demonstration of the discipline that is instilled and required at St. Thomas More School.

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