Girl Scouts At St Thomas More

Are you are aware that Saint Thomas More School is the home of the Girl Scouts Troop 3431? Do you know that this group of highly motivated girls has represented the Girl Scouts in numerous activities such as the Alhambra Pumpkin Run, Scout Sunday or the flower distribution on Mother’s day at Saint Thomas More Catholic Church? We are proud of OUR Girl Scout Troop, Troop 3431.

Just some of our Prior Events:

> World Think Day to celebrate cultural diversity

> Alhambra Pumpkin Run

>Career Day

>Anti-Bullying Event

>Girl Scouts love State Parks 2019

>Songs & S’mores girl retreat

>And many many more.

Lots of great activities are being planned throughout the year. Lucia Alcantar can be reached at for additional information or if you would like to join for NEXT year.

Our current year (2019/2020) is unfortunately closed. However, it is never to early to join for next year!!!

Vote and press like for one of our STM scouts on Facebook!

Last year Ivy WON a pizza party for the troop. OUR TROOP IS HUNGRY AND NEEDS YOUR HELP!!! We need Ivy to WIN once again.

The reward? Again, a special treat for our entire 3431 troop! She sold 1200 cookies last year. This year she sold 500 cookies in one week. Her secret? Blinging her cookie cart. The force is strong with this cookie. This year she was chosen out of many entries to participate in the cookie mobile challenge.

Who is Ivy?

Ivy has consistently helped us reach our cookie sale goal. She donated her hair when the Girl Scouts participated in last year’s “Locks Of Love Week” to support kids with cancer and represented Saint Thomas More School and the Girls Scouts in last Years Alhambra Pumpkin Run AND MANY MANY MORE events. Please cast your vote, and support Ivy.