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Career Day At St Thomas More

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Francisco Raigoza, Parent

Saint Thomas More Catholic School

Dont forget to scroll down below to see a video of the helicopter taking off from school!!

What a great day it was. Career Day at St. Thomas More turned out to be both a VERY exhausting day as well as exciting and informative for everyone. Yes, even parents were able to learn plenty today. It’s always great to learn from our community. And learn we did!

Thanks to some fantastic parents we had a helicopter visit, a K-9 dog, a fire truck, and many professionals representing all sorts of fields.

For lots of us, it was truly amazing to see a helicopter land on our field.

Students (Teachers and Parents) had an opportunity to learn what it takes to be a helicopter pilot. I’m sure students came out very inspired.

Students were able to learn how challenging and difficult the job of being in law enforcement can be. They learned what a K-9 police officer does; the training a helicopter pilot goes through to be able to fly, and the importance of maintaining good academics to pursue a law enforcement career.

What does it take to maintain a fire engine truck? Lots of work, but above all, PASSION! We learned that it's important to like what we do. If we do, then work can be very very fun as it’s for Mr. Razo. That’s what makes Mr. Razo get up every morning to go to work. That’s the lesson that Mr. Razo hoped students would take home when it comes time to choosing a career. A fine piece of advice if you ask me.

The Students, OUR KIDS, were able to dream for one day, and see themselves wearing their parents shoes, so that they can start preparing for THEIR future, so that one day, they can show THEIR kids that it's never too early to start planning for THEIR future.

The complexity of a fire truck is incredible. We all came out feeling refreshed knowing someone as passionate as Mr. Razo takes good care of our fire trucks so that our firefighting professionals can go out and do their job, and that is to fight fires.

The students got an opportunity to learn about STEM fields and how coding can benefit them in those fields.

Mr. Raigoza explaining to our students how automation helps us be more efficient in our jobs.

We should all thank Mr Aguayo for his amazing presentation on what a Data Architect does. Students were very impressed with his presentation for sure.

It was a great Career Day at St. Thomas More. We are all grateful to the amazing parents that made this event possible. I just wrote about a few examples, but there were many more parents who participated in this event. To them, I say Thank You!

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