Basket Ball Playoff News

Sadly our STM Falcons did not get a victory this past weekend. Coach Sal led his team well this season but came up a bit short. However he was proud of the Flacon's play: was an honor to make the playoffs. The CYO - Los Angeles program is the largest in the US. The CYO-LA basketball program has 20 boys "A" leagues. So, there was about 145+ teams in the program and only 46 teams make it to the playoffs.
As you know, our team was fairly young. We had only two eighth graders and six players that were very new to the sport. The new players experience was about 1-6 months.
So, our basketball program is certainly healthy. With the great help of coach Celina and coach Danny, I believe that we will have continued success in the years to come. When we have time, we can consider ideas such as basketball camps, joining local basketball leagues and collaborating with schools like San Francis High School on ideas regarding coaching, conditioning, etc.
My goal is to come back next year and help the basketball program anyway I can. Our school has now "playoff" experience and our goal is to build on this year!
also forgot to mention that we want to incorporate a girls team to the program. Finally, there are no tryouts and we welcome all skill levels

Thank you coaches for your time and help in enriching our students with co-operative play and much needed sports experience.

Please contact the office to inquire more and obtain contact information.

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