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Australia and Ernie G Visit

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Story by

Sydney Pham

STM Student Council Historian

On Friday, January 10, STM had free dress and Jr. High had a special visitor. The free dress day was a donation dress day for Australia. We were able to raise over $600!

Later that day a comedian/motivational speaker named Ernie G came to talk to Jr. High. He is a STM alumni and is going on tour to perform at schools. Ernie talked about his life a little bit and told jokes as he was talking. Kids were laughing and the sounds of laughter echoed in the hall. He talked about his adventure on going back to church with his friend. He told lots of jokes that were hilarious. The whole Jr. High was laughing and crying at the same time. I’ve never seen so much laughter from a Jr. High. Ernie also talked about how thankful he was with God and everything in his life. He said that thanks to God he is going around make kids laugh. The kids were thankful about him coming and talking to them. Ernie touched many subjects that the kids could personally relate to such as growing up in a Latino environment and being Catholic. The STM students really enjoyed this special experience. 

Ernie G posted on Facebook:

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