4th Grade has a dream

The 4th graders recently completed a project.

We actually did this board with a focus on Religion...How we can let God's love show through us. The fourth grade class was learning how God reveals Himself to us. The students know that we can see God's image in all of His creations. I also tied to the 7 themes of Catholic Social Teachings: Life and Dignity of the Human Person, Care for God's Creation, Rights and Responsibilities, and Call to Family, Community, and Participation. 
 The students also learned that Dr. King lived his life following many if not most of our Catholic Social Teachings through his non-violent protests for equality and fairness for all people.
They all wrote a dream they had for the world based on their religion lesson.

Lisamarie Perez

Thanks to Mrs Perez for image donations. Click on the image slideshow to navigate between pictures.

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