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In January of each year, re-registration of all returning families takes place. Applications for new students are available beginning in late January. Once a new student application and required documents are received, an appointment will be set up for assessment.


Tuition rates for 2019 – 2020


In-Parish Tuition Rates: Grades K – 8


1 student family = $4911. 00


2 student family = $8933. 00


3 student family = $12,710. 00


Out-Of-Parish Tuition Rates: Grades K – 8


1 student family = $5865. 00


2 student family = $9927. 00


3 student family = $14,073. 00




To qualify for in-parish tuition rates, parents must be registered and active members in St. Thomas More parish life. This is defined as Sunday mass attendance and an identifiable regular offering at mass made through the use of the weekly envelope. The parish envelope is to be used at least 3 times each month for a minimum of 36 Sundays throughout the year. Families are reevaluated twice each year to ensure compliance with in-parish criteria. New families will be considered out-of-parish until they have registered and have met in parish criteria for at least three months. Parents are to enroll children in sacramental programs. 



Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance is available through the Catholic Education Foundation. Applications for the Catholic Education Foundation tuition assistance are available in the school office during January and February.



Service Hours

All families are responsible for 30 hours of service each year (or $300 buyout). This fee may be paid the 1stday of school if service buyout is elected. All service hours are due by May 31. The fee for incomplete service hours is $10 per hour payable by May 31.


Morning and After School Care

Morning care hours are from 6:30 AM to 7:45 AM and is $4 each day for one child, $5 per family. After school care is from dismissal until 6 PM and is a separate fee.



FACTS is the tuition management agency utilized by STM. Parents who do not pay the yearly tuition at the start of the school year, are required to use FACTS. They charge a fee for missed payments. 


Late Fees 

Late fees may be charged if timely payment is not made. A check that there is a graduation fee of $375 for 8th grade parents only. Does not clear will be charged a $20 returned check fee.


Testing Fee

A $50 testing fee is due at the time of application. It is non– refundable.


Registration Fee

A registration fee of $250 per family is due when the child is accepted. This covers initial costs of registration, including earthquake supplies and insurance.


Material and Supply Fee per Child

There is a $375 material and supply fee per child. This pays for book costs, student activities, equipment, computer supplies, correspondence materials, paper and art supplies. It is nonrefundable. This amount may also be included in the monthly FACTS payment.


Graduation Fee

There is a $375 graduation fee for 8th grade parents only. This covers And gallant rental, graduation breakfast and other expenses.



Parents must participate in fund-raising in order to cover the actual cost of tuition. Fundraising participation must be $500 profit to the school. A buyout of $500 is also available.